Zanellato bags: high-end leather for those in love with fashion

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Zanellato bags are some of the most beautifully crafted items in the fashion world. Each product has its own fair share of peculiarity, and there's no way that you will find two identical models in all the collections of the brand.

The story of Franco Zanellato

A prolific and successful Italian businessman, Franco Zanellato re-established his father's company in 2000. It was a glove factory based in Vicenza. There he developed his own passion for the world of leather, with which he managed to create a small empire. The company's main focus where briefcases, overnight bags and practical accessories intended for the working class. After a period of strict and doleful reflections, Zanellato decided to broaden its market to comprehend accessories for women. In 2011, the celeb Postina bag was born.

Zanellato leather: a style beyond the conventions

Zanellato's focus on leather for his products is one of the leading concepts at the core of the brand's success. He has always had leather in mind, when it came to create new accessories. His love for leather is something that he has always had, as well as his desire to experiment with new solutions. Zanellato's style comes from painstaking work. Each product is tanned naturally and every purse is made sartorially, so as to ensure the highest quality possible. Zanellato uses many types of leather, and several different processing techniques.

Zanellato postina bags

The postina bag is a classic of the fashion world. It is one of the most well-known luxury items in the industry. A pure and extraordinary example of Italian craftsmanship, Zanellato postina bags stem from years of trials, changes and struggle, until they became the model of a bag so versatile that it could be used for several different activities.

From Zanellato's latest collection: here's the new small and medium postina bags

This year Zanellato has launched a new collection of postina bags, for the joy of all the fashion addicts. Small and medium bags that have already captured the heart and love of the consumers. Pure high-quality leather. Colorful and vivacious and full of fantasy designs printed upon its surface. The brand worked on some little details of the shape of the bag, managing to improve the overall product and refine its structure.

Zanellato Nina bag: small and medium

Nina's small and medium tote bags belong to Zanellato well-known style. They are made with leather of the highest quality. Soft and silky to the touch and with a rich and powerful scent, they are broad and capacious.

Zanellato Blandine bag

A postino bag, Blandine is one of the most popular bags of the brand. It's made with cachemire. Both the small and medium models, hued respectively black and gianduia, are the best examples of the perfection at the core of Zanellato's craftsmanship.

Zanellato postina reviews

As Franco Zanellato pointed out, postina bags are born from the need to emphasize the movements of a woman. This concept is the key by which to understand how massive the impact of the bag has been for the fashion addicts. Every postino bag translates in an immediate success.

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