Wedge sandals outfits: what to wear this summer season

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Are you ready to show the world the best wedge sandals outfit? We are approaching summertime. As the days and nights get warmer and sunnier, there's no way to avoid wearing wedge sandals no more.

Especially if those wedge sandals are made by undisputedly renowned brands such as Hogan, Toga Pulla, Ninalilou, Paloma Barcelo and many others. Let's have a brief look at some of the most beautiful wedge sandals outfits of the upcoming season.

Wedge sandals slip ons: top of the trend

Slip ons, slip ons, slip ons! Their charm is beyond all trends. Whether they are blue or orange, like the blue or orange suede model made by Ninalilou, beige as the latest Casadei slip ons, or simply white as the Hogan's ones, wedge sandals are among the most comfortable and beautiful products in the fashion world. They're classy and chic and never cease to suit any kind of dress.

Black wedge sandals

Black wedge sandals are among the most fascinating pairs of shoes that can possibly hit the summer season. You must match them with a proper dress. Go with contrasts, choose a white dress or a total black one. With the proper combinations, your outfit will be over the top.

Black closed toe wedges

Toga Pulla and Roberto del Carlo have created some of the most amiable and pleasing pairs of shoes in the fashion industry. Black closed toe wedges are quite comfortable and nice to see. They're made in leather, rubber sole, a 60mm wedge that gives the shoe the right and proper height without making it feel excessive.

Tan wedge sandals

If you're looking for a lightier model, do not miss the last tan wedge sandals made by Casadei. They're classy and cool and provide a nice impression of freshness and youth. They're perfect for an evening out or a party.

Wedge sandals: what about the celebrities wearing them?

Amal Clooney, Reese Witherespoon, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson have already begun to show wedge sandals for their trendy parties and evenings out. Summer vibes and casual wear, for a work-to-happy hour outfit that goes successfully all the time.

On: Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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