Victorian boots: the golden ages revisited

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Victorian boots never cease to entertain and wonder the customers and the fashion world. No matter how many years can pass. Victorian boots will always manage to find a way to reassert their popularity and impress the fashion-addicted.

Victorian shoes history

Victorian shoes have a long and peculiar history that dates back to the 19th Century. Women's boots featured intricate embroidery. They were mostly made from rubber and leather, dyed suede, scalloped edges. As the years progressed and dressed became simpler and more structured, the shoes turned more into somewhat a pump. This type of shoe could be adorned with gemstones, buckles, tassels, and covered in silk and suede.

Lace up boots: keep it classy

In a period when having a shoe or many shoes would mean that you were to be considered a very wealthy person, Victorian lace up boots managed to conquer the attention and love of many a person. Black boots with laces and other kinds of adornments were a sign of decency and charm and luxury as well.

Stuart Weitzman: the iconic Victorian shoes

Among the products of our collection, Stuart Weitzman models provide an efficient and modern example of how a Victorian Shoe should be nowadays. Especially the ring-lead wine women's Burgundy Suede ankle boots, made 100% of Suede, with a leather sole, are quite the most intriguing model there. They're comfortable and chic, and can be adapted to almost any kind of social situation.


Never too tall never too short

Victorian Ankle boots are among the most popular pieces of clothing of the aforementioned period. Their peculiar characteristic is that they're neither too tall, nor too short. They simply evoke the magnificency of the era in which they first came out. The Victorian age was a period marked by grandeur. And excesses, too.


On: Friday, November 11, 2016


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