Fall winter 2016-2017 handbag trends

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The fall/winter 2016-2017 handbag trends are ready to rewrite the way in which women are used to hold their bags. It's less a matter of design than of how peculiar the way of carrying them is. The fall/winter 2016-2017 handbag trends are in quest to offer several new modes of holding them.

Cross-body bags: an evergreen accessory

They are at the top of the list! You just have to let your bag cross your body and walk as if under the score of a feeling of protection and high self-esteem. Some of the most important Brands of the fashion world are already addicted to such a trend. From Prada's leather bags to Valentino black super short cross-body ones.


Boxy handbags: the beauty of geometry

Geometry has never been so useful to the fashion industry. Boxy handbags, especially the square or rectangular shaped ones, keep on channeling the customers' moods and preferences. They're perfect for the cold upcoming season. Dolce&Gabbana know it very well. That is the reason why the fashion house decided to create bags with lock closures in reptile skin, and crystalline inspirations.


Furry handbags: it's so fluffy!

Furry handbags are fluffy, soft, delicate, warm to touch. They can give you a feeling of comfort and reassurance. No wonder that they're considered among the top trendy items of the current fall/winter season. Fendi's blue handbags are quite one of the most crucial examples of how quality-based furry handbags can be fascinating and popular among the fashion-addicted.

Fringe bags: when the Western style is back 

Strings, strings, strings! Nothing seems to offer a more intriguing and exciting feeling than such types of bags. Bunches of strings of any kind and size which cover top handled bags, suede tassels and leather bags. This is one of the most important and hot trends in the current season!


Precious handbags

Colour blocks are here to make it in the world of fashion bags. For those of you who are looking for precious handbags, these types can be quite intriguing due to the form and colors by which they're made. Matchy-matchy variants are also proving popular among the fashion-addicted. All is made to sound sophisticated and artistic: fairy-tale pieces, gems, floral prints, optical illusion are ready to match virtually all the handbag styles.

Half-moon and hobo bag: spacious and practical 

Two handbag styles that have been widely used by several designers this year. They're spacious and colorful, and can enjoy plenthy of shades and textures, materials, styles. From black lacquered hobos to short strap slouchy half-moon bags. They're courageous and have a sort of traditional appeal that works so well with the taste of the fashion-addicted.


You cannot go wrong with a leather bag

Leather handbags are becoming increasing popular in the fashion world. Leather versions of saddle bags or fringe bags or bucket bags are wide common, and recur in many a famous brand' collection. This is mainly due to the pure nature of the materials by which they are made.


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