Aquazzura's new collection of sandals flats and heels

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Aquazzura is an Italian brand with a distinctive identity. Its eye for drop-dead glamour and modern design has allowed the brand the realization of some of the most unique products in the fashion world.

Whether the materials used for the products are satin or suede or sequins, Aquazzura sandals, flats and heels have always managed to capture the heart of thousands of fashion addicts. Aquazzura has recently launched its new collection of shoes. This is the reason why we want to show you some of the most important Aquazzura's products and properly understand how original the style of the brand continues to be.

Let's begin with Aquazzura flats 

Aquazzura flats are some of the most popular and loved shoes in the fashion industry. We don't have to remind you how particular they are and how perfectly designed their shape appears to be. They are usually made with suede, and colored in bright and vivid nuances that suit best with the overall exotic feeling evoked by the shoes. 

Aquazzura thong flora sandals

Among the brand's most demanded products, Aquazzura thong flora sandals are quite a peculiar pair of shoes. They provide with a sense of easiness and comfort, and are flat and smooth and soft to tread upon. The characteristic floral appliqué has made them a must-have of the current season.

Aquazzura christy ballet flats

Ballet flats as you never have seen them! Once you've let yourself wear this pair of christy ballet flats, you'll begin to feel like you're walking with the same agility of a dancer. That is exactly the effect produced by Aquazzura christy ballet flats.

Aquazzura heels

Made of suede or satin or sequins, Aquazzura heels and pumps have always been considered as some of the finest models in the fashion industry. Due to the quality of the materials involved and their beautiful design, these shoes are a classic of Aquazzura's collection. 

Aquazzura tropicana sandals

If you want all the eyes on you, then you'll need to wear Aquazzurra's tropicana sandals. Pom poms and tassels embellish the high shoes and render them one of the most suitable pairs of sandals to pair with a cocktail dress.

Sweet lover sandals 

Wear them, and you'll become a lover of all the beautiful things in life. This pair of sweet lover sandals is made of suede, covered in sparkling crystals. It fits perfectly with an all-black dress.

Aquazzura black scarlet pumps

Crafted from patent-leather and scarlet-hued, these pumps are terrific! They will give your look a celebrity-like status and must be paired with a proper matchy-matchy dress.

Aquazzura samba sandals

Exotic patterns adorn the heel that is made with black suede. It is a must-have for all those who love wearing exotic-based shoes and get the feeling of being in a tropical land, perhaps in front of the ebbing tide of the sea. 

All the celebrities who love Aquazzura shoes

Did you know that several celebrities love the shoes of Aquazzura? From Kendall Jenner, to Emma Watson, to Gigi Hadid, to Rihanna. Everyone wants to wear a pair of flat shoes, or sandals, or suede pumps.

Aquazzura fringe sandals

Fringe sandals are impeccably crafted from suede and detailed with tasseled ankle ties. They've become so successful and beloved by the consumers that they had sold out as soon as the new collection by Aquazzura came out.

Aquazzura Wild Thing sandals

Wild Thing sandals are another pair of shoes that can be considered Aquazzura's masterpieces. Made from soft suede in chic nude on a comfortable block heel, these sandals are adorned with fringes and wrapped by ties that are finished by tassels. They can be paired with a denim mini or little black dress.

On: Friday, May 5, 2017


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